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Thread: How's it going, I have a '04 Nissan Murano...

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    How's it going, I have a '04 Nissan Murano...

    Just thought i say hi to everyone...
    I been reading about a lot of stuff, just trying to get started on this carputer project, but i will research most of my stuff before i ask any questions..

    Here's some pics of my ride:

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    nice wheels! nice space for a screen - rip out the stock stereo and voila (obviously not that easy LOL)

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    man nissan really does try to make every dash look exactly the same.. i PROMISE you the new sentra will have that look too.

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    Nice car, very screen friendly! Muronos however come with a stock screen, I don't know wich size could replace that one, although it would mean MUCH MORE work...

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    well i saw another fellow murano owner build a custom screen mount above the oem screen:

    So im planning to do the same except, i would mount the touch screen where he had the oem screen re-located.

    Im ready to get started, just gathering info so i can build me a computer.

    Probably something like this:

    Pentium 4 2ghz or more
    512MB Ram or more
    64MB Video Card
    60Gig HD or more.
    DVD/CD-RW Drive (Slim custom mount possibly)

    That's about all i thought of so far. Been pretty busy with work so its hard to search around, there's just so many nice setups and so little time to browse.


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    Another '04 Mo

    Sweet, another Mo owner doing an install! I've got an 04 Midnight Blue AWD SL w/ DVD... and have the install in progress. Since your're looking for ideas, here's what I'm planning/I've done on mine.

    1) Bought a Viewsonic Viewpad V1000 tablet pc (800Mhz Celeron, 256MB, 10GB drive, 10.4" 800x600 touchscreen)
    2) Disassembled the viewpad
    3) In the process of making a LCD extension cable (about half done... man are those 1mm crimps are a PITA)
    4) Took some 12x12 sheets of aluminum from home depot, dremel'd out a frame for the LCD by cutting and hand-folding
    5) Bondo to build up the frame into a bezel -- got a couple of applications/sandings done... need to do one final bondo/sand on the exterior, and some detail work on the inside of the frame.
    6) I picked up radio shack 8x5 (I think) standard black project box back when I was playing with ideas on how to mount the screen... this project box happened to slip in nicely right in the spot between the vents in front of the standard Mo lcd. This got me thinking about mounting the 10.4" right there, above the Bose. In order to get around having to move the OEM screen (I'm trying to keep everything as is, since this is a leased Mo), I'm going to mount a USB cam in the blacked out box behind the 10.4" screen, pointed at the OEM screen, and write some code to integrate the image into Centrafuse.
    7) I'll build up a new enclosure for the motherboard of the Viewpad, and slip this under the passenger seat.
    8) I picked up a cheap USB 2.0/Firewire Cardbus adapter, and a cheap USB 2.0 Notebook (2.5") HD bus-powered enclosure, which I will build a docking station for in the utility compartment under the bose
    9) Since the viewpad is essentially a laptop, I don't need to worry about power for anything but powering up -- it's got a battery, and built in power management for standby/shutdown control when on battery, and works with standard cigarette-lighter DC adapters.
    10) For audio, once the rest of the above is done, I'll start building my own version of Jaak's NBus/Sat Radio adapter (see forums). I started writing some code a couple months back (before I started down the hardware/fab route) to decode the serial protocol and use the bose headunit to integrate with centrafuse.
    11) I've got a pharos (microsoft) usb GPS mouse that I'll more permanently mount on the dash.

    Once I've got that stuff done (which when I look at, I'm simultaneously shocked at how much I've got done, and how much I have left ;-), it's onto some of the more standard stuff like XMDirect, or maybe even the Valentine1 interface that seems to be making awesome progress ;-) Oh, and hopefully by then, I'll have figured out how to integrate my Treo 650 into a program like PhoneControl...

    Hopefully I'll get some time to finish up the cable and the frame this weekend, and I'll grab some pics to upload.

    My wife looks at me funny for spending all this time on this project, but a car this cool just begs to have some tech <grin>

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    Wow you are far planned out... I don't know where to start except build a comp first, heh. Keep me up to date when you get some things done. You got any pics of your project right now?

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