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Thread: Design help for SQ competition vehicle with a computer

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    Design help for SQ competition vehicle with a computer

    I'm building a new vehicle for the '06 competition season and my goal is a pc based source for everything and I have some specific requirements...need help figuring out what hardware path to go down as this will be the first carputer I've done.

    The basic layout needs:

    Optical or Coax digital out to feed an external high resolution DAC(s) and 5.1 processor
    2 touch screens (1 in the dash and one able to be connected and removed externally via exterior connection)
    Rear monitor(s) video only (no control capabilities, just video playback)

    BlueTooth cell phone control
    XM control
    Slot loaded DVD/CD (recordable not required)
    Auto On / Off power supply that can be overridden with a push button

    Relatively Small footprint
    No head unit

    So, those are the I need brands / models / part numbers of what to start putting together.

    Digital outs are top priority for the external DAC as SQ is the largest concern.

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    good luck

    look at the opus power supplies
    Mini-ITX p4 or Via m12000II
    Stick with a laptop drive
    get the alpine PXA-h700 DSP
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    Use ebay as a friend. It can save you a lot of money. you can even find good prices on p4s mobos there. Instead of spending $113 retail on a weatherproof gps mouse I got the same exact one off ebay for $40.

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