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Thread: another newbie question, lots of hardware....

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    another newbie question, lots of hardware....

    Alright guys, I am a noob to the carputer scene. Let me list my hardware before I get into anything:
    1999 Isuzu Rodeo:
    -Alpine IVA-C800 (non touch screen)
    -Phoenix Gold ZXti600
    -1 JL Audio W7 12"
    -1 Phoenix Gold 1 farad capacitor
    -MB Quarts Q series mids and highs
    -1 Optima Yellow top Battery

    -P4 Intel 1.4ghz P4
    -Asus P4S800
    -Antec Truepower 380 watt PSU
    -256mb Ram
    -Maxtor 80gig HD
    -Soundblaster Live 5.1
    -Geforce 4 4200ti 64mb

    Alright My main question is, will the above pc setup work with my battery with all the car audio equipment as well? I bought that Optima Yellow top battery to further power everything. Reason why I ask is because I have all those extra parts for a computer, and figured I could piece it together in my car. I have read that desktop PSUs take up too much power and many people opt for a Opus 150 watt DC. I mean will the Optima battery handle everything, if not, will the Opus be able to power the PC mentioned above? Another question , will the constant heavy bass in any way affect the harddrive at all? Let me know what your guys opinions and suggestions are. thanks in advance

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    That looks like a pretty power hungry PC (by carpc standards), I doubt the opus would handle it. Though it might, many people claim they can push the opus well beyond the rated output (whether that's a good idea is another issue).

    Whether you can power all your equipment depends on your alternator. The battery really has nothing to do with it, except how long you'll last if the alternator can't put out the required current. I think you're probably okay, but if you want to be sure find the rated output of your alternator and find/estimate the combined draw of all your equipment.

    Bass shouldn't affect the HD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mushin
    That looks like a pretty power hungry PC (by carpc standards), I doubt the opus would handle it.
    How do you know its a powerhungry comp?


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    actually, it looks pretty good for a 150W opus. i know my comp (2ghz celly qith 512MB ram) comes somewhere under the 150 mark seeing as the oem PSU is 160w max.
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    It's not the watts, its the amps you have to worry about.
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