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    Software EQ

    Hey everyone, quick question. I tried searching but al lrespsonses were from 1-2 years ago. Is there an affordable software EQ? A free one even? I use frodoplayer, and I miss my treble and bass. Really adds to the music. Also, winamp has an EQ right? It's been a few years since I used it. Does it use it's EQ through software?

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    if you are looking for one that EQ's the whole sound card, i doubt you will find one. ive searched all over for one myself and havent had any luck whatsoever. and yes, Winamp does have a software EQ.
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    Any standalone, real-time sound processor (eq or otherwise) is going to be pretty resource hungry. However, most players (including winamp) have built-in software equalization -or- the ability to use plug-ins. I haven't used frodoplayer though.
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    check out kxproject driver if you have pci soundblaster card
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