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Thread: Question about mp3Car Store

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    Question Question about mp3Car Store

    OK here goes,
    I thinking i'm ready to take the plunge and start buying stuff for my carputer.
    Maybe i'm missing something but the options from

    MP3Car Custom Car Computer (3688)

    and the options from

    MP3Car Custom Car Computer (OPUS)

    so my question is what is the difference between the models at the store. They seem to me to be exactly the same except for what is in the ( ) and i'm not quite sure what each of them means. Please don't flame me for such a simple question but i'm a newbie and I can't wait to get started. Thanks,
    - DigitalAce7

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    The 3688 refers to the Morex case that comes with that system.. The power supply included is just a regular DC power supply.. You'll still need to add some kind of power regulator or ITPS.

    The OPUS comes in it's own custom case and is regarded as a superior power supply/case combination. This power supply has a higher output (for more devices), and I believe it already regulates power and provides for automatic shutdown control as well (so no need for ITPS).

    If you've got the cash, the opus solution is better.
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    Question... the OPUS model also indicates it comes with the 3688 case. Is it modified somehow to accomidate the different power supply or what? Just curious.
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