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Thread: DVD problems M10000

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    DVD problems M10000

    I did some searching hoping to resolve my dvd problem with no luck. My initial problem started when the DVD would play the audio and video choppy in Cyberlink PowerDVD, the DVD would not play in WinDVD. Most of the suggestion i found said to install the new audio and video(VGA) drivers from .
    Now when I try to play a DVD the computer freezes!
    Im running:
    512mb Ram
    60gig 2.5hd
    BIOS 1.15

    What can I try to fix this problem? I wanted to try to update the BIOS but I read too many bad experiences with that. Besides I dont know if it would really help. What else do you think I should try?

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    Have you tried the dvd drive with another comp? I havent heard of anyone else having this problem, but its worth a shot. I had a dvd drive (pretty new, too) that was POS, and would chop up for a while, then freeze the comp after a half hour or so.
    Also try un and reinstalling powerdvd.
    Good luck!
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    I had an odd problem on mine. It would not play a DVD after installing Power DVD with the message that the drive didn't have a fixed region. Never seen that before installing it on a lot of computers.
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    you sure that you use corrrect master-slave settings for your drives? in any case, also try turning the DMA access to your DVD off.

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    thanks for the suggestions. After toying around it worked. I think the main factor was reinstalling PowerDVD and removing WinDVD. Also, I am using CLEV2 video enhancement from the Video options in PowerDVD. BUT, now my AUDIO does not work!
    What do you think I should try?

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    I got the sound working, by reinstalling the drivers.

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