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Thread: PC Chips M789 Mobo

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    PC Chips M789 Mobo


    I was wondering why no one on here seems to have considered the PC Chips M789 Motherboard with built in C3 Samuel 2000+ (800MHz) proc, LAN, Audio, S3 VGA.... I don't want to sound like some advertiser, but I got mine 1/3rd the price of the M10k and it seems to be working great. Its not ITX, but flexATX, and the processor is slower, (these C3s are crawl) but still plenty fast. I'm half way through finishing up my first car'puter and seems to be working fine (just cut my resume from hibernate to 30 seconds, yay!). Donno, just thought Id throw this out there to the lions den.


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    Look at my sig. I use the pc chips board that has the athlon mobile soldered into it. great board, and it has worked perfectly....except it doesn't support resume from power loss which ****es me off to no end...
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