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Thread: Front end for streets and trips

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    Lightbulb Front end for streets and trips

    Hi All

    Is there anything out there that will work with streets and trips as a front end, or use maps from it... or whatever, but just inshort make streets and trips a functional navigation tool.

    All those that have used streets and trips know that its not very functional as a navigation tool, it more like a mapquest installed on a pc.

    pls help


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    And you're right. S&T is garbage for navagation.
    iGuidance. Routis. Destinator (and variants). CoPilot (if you can afford it). Theyr'e all good packages for navigation.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I am working on something, I have 4 years of maps in MS Streets (now S&T2005) and would prefer not to start over. It is not the greatest for entering data but it gets me where I am going pretty well for the most part. I usually use it to build complex routes (for the driving enjoyment, not point A to point B) in the house and then transfer it to the car so it works well for that.

    I would like to make a RR skin to run the thing but have not had time to play with it. I am fairly new to this kind of stuff so I am not totally sure it is possible.

    Currently I am using a Powermate with the following settings:
    right = + (zoom in)
    left = - (zoom out)
    click = Nav pane
    long click = GPS pane
    down right = tab
    down left = unassigned


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