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Thread: Honda Element PC just about ready to install

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    Thumbs up Honda Element PC just about ready to install

    Hi Everybody,

    I've been lurking here for the last couple months and I'm just about ready to install my first carputer. I'm just waiting for my Lilliput and my M1-AtX to arrive.

    here are the specs

    PIII 800
    256MB ram
    40 Gig 2.5" HD
    M1-ATX PSU/shutdown controler
    8" Lilliput w/ touch screen
    DWL-122 USB WIFI adapter
    Wireless Keyboard/Mouse combo
    Win XP
    Custom case (nothing fancy actually very un-fancy but is well ventilated and hidden under the seat )

    Most everything is installed on the PC and ready to go

    The only things I don't have yet are the M1-ATX and the Lilliput I just wanted to let you know how informative this board has been for me. I'll post some pics when I get it all done.

    Thanks All

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    Welcome to the forums. What are you doing for audio? HU or AMP?

    any pics of the car? Don't forget the pics of progress on the install!

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    umm im looking to implement a similer spec computer into my car, what is the rating of your power supply unit?



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    the element factory HU has a 1/8" AUX input that I plan on tapping into for the audio.

    Big K

    Th M1-ATX powersupply I plan on using is a 90W unit with most of its power on the 5v rail. I believe the PIII 800 will only pull about 20 watts mostly from the (5 V rail I think)

    The Computer itself will go under the drivers seat. The element is a very roomy vehicle with a lot of space but there is almost no hidden storage.

    There is lots of information on the Element as for as the electrical system goes over at http:\\

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