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Thread: 2000 Isuzu Trooper LCD

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    2000 Isuzu Trooper LCD


    I v got 2000 isuzu trooper.. it has 2 single din slots.. my issue is that the stock plastic bezel is not leveled... right on top of the top din there is a stupid plastic trim (right below AC controls) and i m worried that if i go with the in-dash LCD route the screen will not be able to open completely.... wondering if anyone can direct me to any pictures / projects of comparable projects & insights on how to mount an lcd in this car... Thank you in advance!

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    You could have it flip down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lgbr
    You could have it flip down.

    they have flip downs?

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    Not really, but the theory could go that you can simply install it upside down... some video cards can flip the video image out, the only thing you'd have to deal with is the touchscreen part...

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    look for schematics online. im sure there are some that tell u how far open it goes. how much room you have. than measure. and if it doesnt work out. you can always customize it. build a little board to make it flush and install it into the board. it will be flat that way even with the ac controls and flip out perfectly. theres one thing i learned on these forums...ANYTHING is possible. just use ur imagination. if you have a hunch it can be done try it. just dont cut anything on your dash until your 100 percent sure it will fit and work out. after that any bumps in the road can be solved by (bondo) lol jk

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