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Thread: suggestions please.

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    suggestions please.

    suggestions on this setup :

    opus 150w dc-dc
    via epia m10000 motherboard
    512mb ddr
    usb creative audigy 2 nx
    usb bluetooth adapter
    usb wifi adapter
    usb gps receiver
    slim dvd-combo drive
    40 gig laptop hdd
    xenarc 700ts powered by opus

    questions :
    would my opus be able to power all of this?
    should i still put a switch on the opus after the ignition or just let it be? because the opus would automatically shut off before the battery gets too low for it not to be started right?

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    it should power it up easly go search for a power calculator

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    you'd have like 100 watts left over....
    and...dude you posted this like 4 hours ago!
    will opus be able to power all of this?
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