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Thread: Front end opinons please....

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    This is not an easy task to say the least.

    Just looking at front-ends will never give you a real feel for the functionality, compatibility, or features of any individual front-end. You also need to check out several of the different skins for each front-end. The skinners in these forums have created some amazingly diverse implementations of the front-ends' capabilities.

    I think most noobs think the developers skin is going to be the best example of the front-end's capabilities, but it really depends on what you want to do and how. A great example is the Liquid Smoke skin for Frodo compared to the basic 800x600, or the Dena Old Style for Road Runner compared to the basic BrushedMetalBlue.

    More often than not, you will never find a front-end/skin combination that perfectly suits your tastes. So you can create your own skin or modify one that's close. That's what is so great about this community, the sharing of knowledge, info, and talents.

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    I personally like Neocar Media Center but thats cause i like the way it works.

    I think Frodo has the most with features and Road runner a close second but frodoplayer isn't menucentric which i don't like and Road runner just feels to media car-ish.

    But i can't comment there all good it's my personal preference
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    This is always a tough issue because for people who have been around a while it is such an absurd question, however to noobs just showing up the number of options really is overwhelming. It's unlikely he'll even understand the features of most of the front ends and its almost impossible to evaluate them unless you know what you are looking for. In fact, most of the front ends work and work well. They all do the basic functions to satisfaction and none does anything significantly more revolutionary than another. Most are skinnable and customizable to the point where anything can be done with any one. In fact load up all the front ends running brushmetal and you probably wont even know which is which. And finally none are finished products. It's not a matter of which towers above which, they are all gonna have some flaw or some bug or be incapable of some very specific task and it really comes down to deciding which flaw is the least annoying. That said, the choice for me came down to how well maintained the software is. Mediacar is still a great program and still works as well as it used to but less and less people use it because knowing the project is dead is very disconcerting. Knowing that a certain bug will never be fixed or a certain feature you've been dying for will never be implemented makes it difficult for people to maintain loyal. Given all this its not surprising that my choice for front end is road runner because guino updates at least once a week. I know that if there is something thats not working I can count on him to have it figured out by the months end. Whereas while frodoplayer is a fantastic fe, there are always going to be changes I want made and chances are those changes wont get implemented in the lifetime of my current carputer setup. Centrafuse is also a great program but it is infrequently updated and turning to a pay model which I have a hard time supporting. It has no compelling feature to make it worth buying and unless I am garunteed bug free software with a live tech support hotline its not worth my dollar, especially not 60 of them. Well thats my rant/review. In summary, like any message board there is no easy way in. You cant expect to show up and know everything. You cant expect current memebers to want to waste times educating you. The only way to become versed in the hobby is to read. Everything you asked can be found throughout the forum. Sure you probably won't find a post telling you which is best, but youll certainly find enough complaints/praises in each subforum to make your own decision.

    - Cobelli

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