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Thread: Forced to start working on my carpc with low budget.

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    IMO, I'd say ditch the HU completely and get a decent 4-ch amp. Then take the HU and put it on EBay and make some of your money back so you can afford the project. Problem solved.

    I don't think you really need to spend the money on a 2.5" drive. Yeah they're smaller but 3.5" drives are cheaper and offer more space. They're also easier to replace (cost wise) should anything happen to your drive.

    You did not say where you were going to mount the system. Trunk or glove box? If you put it in the trunk, you are going to need some extra cables, VGA/USB and a seperate USB for the DVD. Don't forget about the slim-DVD>IDE adapter (and IDE>USB adapter is you need a further length to reach the trunk).

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    Well for now I cant get rid of the HU cus it was my grandmothers present and they have issues with selling or giving away presents, besides I like it, I do have and 4-ch amp cus the HU didnt came with one. My original plan was mounting the PC where the HU goes and put the screen in front of it and maybe make it detachable for security, I'm going to have to see how the A/C works and if its too complicated I might have to change my plans. I already have a backup plan which will leave everything in place and just relocate my fog light and defogger so i have place to mount the screen beneath the HU, I'm working on some plans with Photoshop so I can explain myself better. As for now I'm only going to install the screen and use my laptop until i get al the parts. should I start a work log??? or not yet?

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