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Thread: 2 noob questions.... mini itx PCI & IDE adapter Q's

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    2 noob questions.... mini itx PCI & IDE adapter Q's

    1. i searched "mini itx pci", no hits. I dont know any other ways terms to search with, so i ask: is there any PCI cards that fit/ with the M10000 MB and Morex 3677 case?

    2. I know this may sound dumb, but if i install an internal dvd drive in my set-up, using the laptop to IDE adapter, do i need to DL drivers or should XP recognize it? is it "plug-n-play" so to speak? would i need to do anything in the BIOS for it?


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    Doesn't look like it has any room for PCI. I got the Travla C158A which can fit a 3.5" drive and a PCI card as well. It's bigger than the one you're looking at though.

    And you don't need any weird drivers or anything for the adapter. It just acts like a normal drive.

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    You can get a ribbon cable riser card for the M10000. That will let you lay it over flat. Also, there's a 2 to 1 PCI card that turns them over 90 degrees and lets you plug in two cards.
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