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Thread: Completely new to this

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    Completely new to this

    Hello, I am starting my research around the site, a car club member introduced me to the site, i decided to check it out and now i am hooked, i want to put one in my car, i got a 1997 Chevy Cavalier 2.4L LS Convertible. I realize i am going to have a few problems (I think) one being that with the top down i will get viscious glare. and will it is a 5 spd convertible so with these systems there is no problem with it playing while driving right?

    I also have two kids. Here is a massive question for someone out there who does the coding for the front ends. I was wondering if it is possible to rip dvd movies and install them on the pc then play the movies in the headrest monitors so the kids can watch them but not have it playing on the front screen so i can drive without seeing those stupid INCREDIBLES.

    I think this might rather complicated but i again am new to this so i don't know. I guess it would be like having multi-monitor on the pc, utilizing 3 montiors if possibe, or really only two monitors and splitting the signal output to the back monitors, if i get the usb monitors i can use a hub for the two headrest ones. Does this sound like something that can work? If not thats ok too. Just some ideas.

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    first tip ... you can't do enough research. read as much as you can to develop a firm understanding of all your options before even starting to buy equipment. the show off your project forum is great for ideas too.

    not much you can do about the glare until the backlight upgrade module is finished (there's a thread about it in the LCD section).

    as for the DVD in the back ... lots of people rip and set up rear screens (VGA up front, VGA or composite in the rear) as a second monitor. phord has done it have others. you won't have to SEE the incredibles ... but you'll probably have to hear it.

    ...course you could just tell your kids to read a book or look out the window... and if they complain about motion sickness they get no ice cream!
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    Or, depending on where the computer is actaully located and how you have your setup you could possible rig headphones.
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    hey there, welcome to the forums and your new sickness... I mean hobby..
    I think at this point for your convertible this screen would be best because you can adjust the heck out of it to move away from the glare and get the best view. It won't be perfect but better than a static screen.

    as for the dual screens. I am working on something like that. I have a test PC setup running the following:
    ps2 mouse
    ps2 keyboard
    usb mouse
    usb keyboard
    2 PCI video cards
    Buddy by thinsoft inc.
    I plan on having a total of 3 complete media stations using one PC.

    another way to do this is get a dual head video card. the drivers usually support "video only to the second display" that way you press play up front and they see video in the back.
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    I too am new to this, and I am researching myself. I also have the same question. I want the movies to play in the back and GPS in the front. I use a program called ultramon at home that should do the trick for this. My main pc is a dual LCD, and ultrmon gives you the option to launch things on monitor 1 or 2. Also I have a mediaPC that I use ultramon with. I have the DVD playing on the TV and can still use the pc. I am assuming that this should work the same way, but I am sure one of the more seasoned carputer guys will chime in and tell me if I am wrong.

    Also for ripping DVD's, I do it all the time. I use DVD Shrink, dump all the menus, save it to my laptops harddrive and that is what the kids watch now. We went on a long trip that took about 8 hours a few months ago and I used DVD Shrink to combine 6 movies so I would not have to manually change titles. It was cool, I just hit play!

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    Ok, well good news and bad news, the 97 LS Droptop is a no go. However, i have found myself a different car, and this one the owner can't back out on. I will be the new owner of a 1998 Chevy Cavalier Z24 5 spd Convertible, black on black on black. Anyway the ideas are the same. I am still going to rig up the two rear monitors, and i am thinking i will go with the touchscreen xenarc, (any problems with these) going to probably build a decent little machine with 2 hard drives. Does anyone know off top of their head of anyone who has molded a slot load disc drive into the dash right below a monitor, wanted to look at some pictures of this setup see how it looks. Ok sorry this post is so long winded but i figured i would let everyone know what is going on.

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    Lots of folks have put the slot load drive in the dash. Check out the "Show off your projects" forum for installs and ideas.

    If you only want to show movies in the rear screen, consider an inexpensive portable DVD player. If you want, you can put a switcher in so that you can view either that or the PC when you want.
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    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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    I am sure it is out there but Bugbyte if you don't mind would you be able to list real quick the parts i would need for a basic carpc, hard drive, motherboard, what do i need minimally to get it started. I will add features later to make it the true car pc i dream about, but for now i just want to get it running to have it in the car, i have the dash about ready to mold the screen into it, so i know already i am going with the Xenarc 7" touchscreen monitor.

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    I can beat Bugbyte to the punch and tell you to check the FAQ Emporium linke to from his tagline....

    but anyway...

    Case (buy it or make it)
    Opus 120W power supply (comes with startup/shutdown controller)
    VIA EPIA M10000 motherboard (chip, audio, video on board)
    256 or 512 MB RAM
    Samsung 2.5" laptop HD, 40 GB or larger
    Amplifier install kit (or individual parts: battery connector, wiring, fuse)
    Audio cabling depending on your setup, preexisting amps etc.
    Powered USB hub

    There's more I'm forgetting, but those are the basics. They are all handily available at this website (click on store up at the top of the page)

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