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Thread: Power-up problem

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    Power-up problem

    Hi everyone. I got a bit of a problem with my carputer. One day, it stopped powering up. She'll start-up, wait about 5 seconds, and then stop. The PSU also makes a slight noise. I put a monitor on it and it only shows black. This isn't an inverter issue, as I tested it with a land-line power. After some $$$ woes, I got a new PSU. Same problem. I just dropped a new CPU in it and same problem. So now I'm confused. Is it my mobo? What else can it be?

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    Specs please...

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    orignially a 1200mhz processor - switched to 900mhz
    ATX power supply - switched to micro-atx
    192mb of ram
    20 gig HD (i beleive)
    I did have a relay connected to the PSU, and forgot the crowbar diode. i think that's what did it, although it worked awhile like that.

    All this is poweered from a 400watt inverter.

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