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Thread: VIA Mini-itx M10000 Bios Upragde

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    Smile VIA Mini-itx M10000 Bios Upragde

    Very new to pc's let alone carpc's being a Mac user for the last ten years, so apologies if this is a little obvious.

    I have a Epia Via M100000 motherboard that I wouild like to upgrade the bios. Main reason: So that I can get a better refresh rate for my xenarch screen. I only get 60mhz at the moment.

    1. How do I upgrade the Bios?
    2. Any one know which Bios is reliable. 'I have heard of a few problems people having after upgrading. Version numbers would be great.

    I have been to via's website but any further insight would be a great from actual users. Thanks.

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    If you are new to PCs flashing the BIOS is one of the last things I would attempt.

    Be sure to do it right otherwise you will cause the motherboard to be in-operable.

    if you search on the forums here there is a walk through somewhere but be completely sure you have everything right before flashing .... as it could have disastrous results.

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    Thanks for the warning UK MP3Car,

    but quite keen to get the screen refresh up to 70hz.

    After a little searching I have found the following links.
    How to upgrade your Via Bios:

    and this link explains how to recover from a bad bios flash.

    My question now is...
    Has anyone updated using this bios: 1.16 (10/14/2004) for the Via M10000 motherboard. Was it sucessfull? any problems after?

    Thanks Hafster.
    Via M10000, Xenarc 7" LCD, Centrafuse, Destinator3, PhoneControl.

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    I'm running 75hz 800X600 with just the basic S3 drivers on my M10000. Didn't have to upgrade the BIOS to do it.
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    how come my m10000 only is giving me 60hz as a refresh rate, i just downloaded the current driver. I really don't want to reflash my bios?

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    my screen always adjust to 1024x768 60hz on my car pc on my home pc it is a different story...why????

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