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Thread: How to measure amp draw? Standby sucking to much power?

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    How to measure amp draw? Standby sucking to much power?

    Don't know if I should post this here or in the power supply but anyway.....How do I properly measure the power draw of my PC? I have a OHM/volt meter. I want to measure the power draw for the pC in hibernate and standby. In hibernate everything works fine it will resume like it should after being in hibernation for at least 12 hours. But if its in standby for more than an hour or two the system reboots when I restart the car. I'm assuming since it works when I go into standby for a short period of time that I must be sucking the battery below 11volt fairly quick. I have the bios set to s3. The only usb I have hooked up is the little keyboard mp3car sells, a fellows thumbball, and a usb wifi stick plugged directly into the pc. The other two are hooked into a usb hub up front. The usb cables I ran up front are USB Active Extension Cables from Belkin.

    What all can I do to reduce the load in standby (that doesn't require hardwiring something)? Are there any obscure settings? Like I mentioned above I have it set in the bios to S3 so the fans are off.

    Thanks in advance...and I have been searching for two days, so please give me some search words vs. a
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    You can measure current draw with an ohm/voltmeter, but you need a HUGE resistor, depending on your system. Shop online. sparkfun sells a 10 amp multimeter for $6.

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