Hi all,
I've been looking for a good motherboard for my car pc and i've been looking and looking....well i'm not sure if i've found one but check out the following...


I've been looking at the Hush ITX Extended P4 Mobile.
Two problems I (as a newbie) have found are that it is overpriced by way too much but yet it says it is fanless and has a 60 watt max power supply. Next is the fact that it may be too big. But it does use a mini itx motherboard. And it's dimensions are

Width: 430mm x Depth: 342mm x Height: 74mm (incl. feet)

which seems kinda reasonable compared to some cases some people are using. Is it a good motherboard for a car pc? Can someone bring me back to earth because it looks expensive but would make a good car pc....Thanks...
- DigitalAce7