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Thread: BMW 330I Carputer Setup

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    BMW 330I Carputer Setup

    OK well I have read a lot on this site and others about these setups and I have already started testing some of the features on my laptop too see if it will work in my car.

    I want these features;

    7" touchscreen (in dash):

    I looked at "XENARC 700TS 7" TFT LCD Touchscreen Monitor w/ VGA & AV inputs" and the "New Lilliput 7 Touch Screen Touchscreen XGA/VGA Monitor" I am kinda of leaning towards the Lilliput because I have heard the XENARC are not as bright. Has that changed?

    1: GPS: (was thinking about using MS streets and Trips 2005) the whole gps already works in my car and was only $130, but is the best out there. I sure would like to have voice commands with it but AI haven't used it enough to say what it does and does have.

    2: Bluetooth: (for cell phone) I have a Sony Ericsson t637 and I have purchased a kigston USB device for the laptop and installed the "WINCOMM" drivers and tested the " application (with the 30 day demo) it seems good enough but is there better?

    3: Radio: I have a Harmon Karman system in my 2001 330i BMW and it has the controls on the steering wheel (I-BUS i heard this is the technology used here) I wan't radio and cd player support. Do I need to purchase a radio card for the carputer and run an application that look and works like a radio turner? Any URL's to apps so I can check them out would be great.

    4: Internet (WIFI and bluetooth dialup from cell phone) I will use both of these and I have already know how they work.

    5: Regular computer apps like WINDVD etc... (hence the carputer) I can handle the hardware etc...

    6: Whats a good front end I can pull up all these featyres with? I am trying to make this look very oem by the way.

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    almost forgot:

    7: odb2 I have had this one for oever a year and it runs on just about any operating sysytem out there. Works like a champ.

    I am supprosed no one has posted a reply to my original questions especially the touchscreen one.

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