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Thread: PCI virses USB?

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    PCI virses USB?

    hey people, I've been searching around and haven't realy found anything that gives pros and cons so I am just going to ask.

    I have two pci slots in my board. and 7 usb 2.0.

    Things that need to be plugged in:

    at least a dual head video card, A wifi card, a tv-fm card, maybe a seperate sound card at some point. and anything else I decide to throw in.

    Now for the question:

    Most of these can be had either PCI or usb. Are there any pros or cons? Or are there some things that work beter in a car running off one as opposed to the other?

    oh, and there is always the serial port...LoL

    I know, It's a newb question but you guys can maybe give me some of your trial and errors?

    Thanks in advance for any info.
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    Allow me to suggest running the VGA and Audio (if needed) through PCI. The rest (WiFi, TV-FM, Touchscreen, GPS, etc.) should be USB devices. As far as I can see, the best benefit of running USB devices is that they become more mobile and don't have to be attached right on, or next to your carputer.
    To be honest, I've never heard of a USB VGA device. Also, most MoBo's have built in Audio which saves you a PCI card.
    Finally, leave your serial ports open... Somebody on this website is building an Air-Cond. controller that works via LPT. Keep in mind that many people connect their GPS receivers to their COM1 port (to eliminate problems after hibernation).

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    as far as cons for PCI...
    height/location/can pop out
    certain devices unavailable in USB

    USB Cons-
    run out of ports/power

    USB Pros-

    serial... a few good things that this can be used for

    Engine Diag/Lilliput IR hack/auto on/various other products unoffered in USB
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    First choice I would go with the PCI version.

    Ultimately they are about the same, but many members have had issues with USB devices getting uninstalled or just not functioning when the car computer resumes from hibernation.

    It is ok to use USB, but just try to keep USB devices miminal, go ahead and fill up those PCI slots first.

    good luck

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