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Thread: Basic Carputer Setup

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    Basic Carputer Setup

    I was wondering if any of the more advanced carputer people could tell me if this would be a good setup. Im trying to put together a small carputer for a business truck so I cant really fabricated a new dash or anything so I'm not going to try to make a really awsome setup.

    Anyways I was thinking I would get a amd micro atx motherboard to go with a 2200+ athlon and 512mb of ddr along with a 9600se video card. I have the video card, cpu, and ram in my stockpile of old parts. I also though I would use an 80gig harddrive, I have a 160 gig but I dont think I would need it, unless anyone has some thoughts about that. This would all be in a micro atx case and I was planning on using a regular 300w inverter to run it until I could buy a dc-dc powersupply.

    My main question though was about lcd's, since im only spending 80 bucks on the pc I really dont want to spend more than 300 bucks on an lcd, I've been looking at the Lilliput 629GL-70NP for its touchscreen capabilities and sub $300 price. If anyone has any thoughts about this monitor or maybe a suggestion for another monitor that would get me more bang for my buck that would be awsome. All I mainly care about is that I can play dvd's on it and be able to read it in sunlight. It wont be in a convertible or anything so I figure that I dont need it to be to bright. I also need to think of a way to mount it without or minimal holes in the dash. It will be in a 2005 F-150 and I really dont care where its mounted but I couldnt really think of a good place to mount it, so if anyone has a good idea i would really appreciate it.

    Well if anyone has any suggestions about this proposed setup I could use any suggestions possible before I start buying components. Thanks!

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    For a business application what do you want to do, i.e. software and how much modification can you do to the vehicle? The ATX/Athlon combo can do anything you throw at it and the inverter, while having drawback like alternator whine is easy to take back out. The Lilliput moniters are of good quality and you'll hear "they are built with higher standards because they are aimed at the north american market" but IMHO the $200 + shipping eBay ones from Hong Kong are almost as good.

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    Well the carputer is going to be just for my personal use so I'm going to use it for mp3's, dvd's, and gps. As far as modification goes the less the better. The only thing I really want to stay away from is putting holes in the dash, including fabrication of a new dash area for my lcd. I'm really not looking for it to look really good just as long as it doesnt look like I spent 5 minutes taping my monitor to my dash. In the future I'll probably add some more modifications but for the time being I'm just looking for functionality I dont really care how it looks.

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