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Thread: new guy here!

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    new guy here!

    Hello I'm new to this site. I found this site through which i am also a member with the same name. I 've spent a lot of time looking at a lot of people's installs and i'm very impressed. I 've been in the computer field for about 13 years. I've always thought of taking this project on and now is the best time for me to start. I'd like to thank alti and 0l33l for their interesting setups and details. Well I have a nice unused portion of dash that is sceaming for a pc so I'm going grab my pad and start sketching away. I'm sure that I can get all the help I need here!

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    Welcome to the forums ctgs300.
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    Welcome, and good luck with the project. You could also post up a picture of the dash and some people here may be able to find some creative solutions on where/how to mount the screen.
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