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Thread: FM sound coming from tuner card not sound card

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    FM sound coming from tuner card not sound card

    Wasnt sure where to post this so please move if need be.
    I just installed a FM/TV tuner card into my computer, it works fine using the software that comes with it and im in the middle of trying to get it working with frodoplayer which shouldnt be to hard.

    But the sound comes out of the tuner card, not my sound card.

    So when i want to listen to the radio, i have to physically pull out the plug from my sound card and plug the cable into the tuner card.
    The when i want to listen to mp3s, i have to plug the cable back into the sound card.

    Playing with the settings in the program doesnt seem to make a difference.

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    actually the idea is to run a patch cable from the tuner card to the line in on the sound card and keep the speakers connected to the sound card.
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    Your card is working right, the sound is suppose to come out the tv/fm card. Most cards come with a patch cable that you plug into the line-in of your sound card. Fancy cards have connectors on the card that connect to your sound card inside your case, kinda like how a CD/DVD drive's audio connects to a sound card.
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