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Thread: help please i m really getting annoyed now

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    help please i m really getting annoyed now

    hey guys, ok i ve got my carpc in my car and its running (pc turn on so does the TS).I have the windows xp cd in and it boots from that. It install all the drivers and stuff, but when it comes to the "press enter to continue" the keyboard doesnt respond!!I was able to use the bios and configure that fine so why does the keyboard stop working? The funny thing is,if i press enter real quick it leads me to the licence agreement and stuff. This is so frustrating! Any help would be great.

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    try a different keyboard.

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    Load windows with a PS2 keyboard if you arent already. The switch to the USB KB once its up and running.

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    well its the part where you have to choose which format the drive should be (ntfs or fat32)I tried switching keyboards from ps2 to usb but no luck. Argh i m so confused as to what to do!!!Oh and i ve tried 2 xp cd's in case it was that.

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    Not to sound redundent, but it still sounds like a driver problem. I'm new to the carputer thing, but when it comes to computers, a last ditch effort that I use is to install the drivers and crucial software in safe mode.

    So assuming that your keyboard works at boot mode, try installing it by launching windows via safe mode. that might help...

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