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Thread: Just ordered most of by bits - what to do about Bluetooth\Hands-Free?

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    Just ordered most of by bits - what to do about Bluetooth\Hands-Free?

    Hi everyone

    I've ordered all the bits for my first carpc project - quite excited about it all :$

    I've got everything sorted appart from, Freeview digital TV and mainly, what to do for my bluetooth mobile phone handsfree

    I found a thread on here about a piece of software that was being devloped by a guy on here that would let me use carpc\bluetooth\mic as a handsfree system but i cant find it again now :/

    Does anyone have any suggestions for Windows software that would be suitable to use with by bluetooth adapter and bluetooth mobile phone?

    Sorry if this has been discussed already, but I couldnt find anything obvious

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    The software is called PhoneControl. Look in the Software section, then click the "Support Software" link. Research there.
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