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Thread: Hi all,

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    Hi all,

    Hi Guys,
    I have a toyota 4 runner 1994 and install a car pc about a year ago,
    Mini Itx thing with a via 1200 mother board, 256mb memory, dvdrw and a 40gb hard drive.
    Now here is my problem, I was working at JAE a car show at the weekend which was amazing and there were lots of guys with car pc's showing all thier air flow stuff etc and I really want the same now.
    I looked into it a year ago and found out that my car is not OBDII but it does have the correct connector and I was wondering is anybody has found a way of installing something similar, I have tried searching the forum but with no luck sofar any help would be good.
    Cheers guys and hope you can help me.

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    You might have OBD-I, which you can hook up aswell. Other than that I think a direct ECU hook up is your only option and most are just handheld tuners.


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