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Thread: carputer operating system questions

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    carputer operating system questions

    As far as an operating system for the car pc goes, I've noticed a lot of people funning XP pro, and optimize it for fast startup and shutdown. How do you optimize it? Also what is the software that acts as a home screen? I noticed that a lot of car pcs has the logo of their car manufacturer surrounded with the feature such as mp3 dvd navigation and anything else. If i use software like readyon do i need a shutdown controller or can i just wire the power supply with a relay to my ignition. Thanks in advance!

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    I am in no way an expert but have been trolling the forums for a couple of months, and have read all of the FAQ's so I think I can answer some of these questions before you get flooded with posts that just tell you to search and read the FAQ's

    XP is the dominant os due to its stability and software options available and that almost everybody has a copy of it, I wouldnt even dream of running 98 or ME. You could use linux as its super stable but then you are going to be limited on the software you can use. Your standard XP install is going to be a bit bloated with a bunch of stuff you don't need, so I would go and turn off all the extra crap you dont need that way you can get a computer with so-so specs to still run ok. Check out this site
    to see a list of services and what they do and if you can turn them off or not. I happen to use a version of XP pro called the "stripped to the bone edition" it is a ultra lightweight version that has just about everything you don't need turned off and all the extra crap that I would never use removed and its really really fast. I think the total amount of space that it uses in somthing like 400 megs total, freeing up the rest of my hard drive for other stuff like programs and mp3's. Also you are going to want to go to msconfig and turn off all the extra stuff that you wont need, I also dont think you will need any antivirus software running in the background.

    here is a link to the forum topic that has a list of all the different carpc frontends that you can use.

    List of front-ends/other useful apps

    basicly I would install a bunch of them and check them out and see which one works for you.

    and as for the power supply question, NO you can't just wire your power supply. for that you need to check the the power supply faq here.

    FAQ: Power Supplies Explained (Part 1)

    you really do need to read all the FAQ's and search the forums, the answers are there you just need to find them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jnye6625
    I noticed that a lot of car pcs has the logo of their car manufacturer surrounded with the feature such as mp3 dvd navigation and anything else.
    This is the front end software such as Roadrunner, check the software forum for more info. There is not a lack of choices when it comes to this.
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    Yes noobs helping noobs....

    Various frontends that can be modified to have your own logos placed on them. Usually requires some PhotoShop skills.
    FAQ: Front Ends & Support Software for Car PC's

    You can boot straight into them to get the program running quicker also:
    FAQ: Boot directly into your front end

    Dumbing down the OS to run what you want it to, check out nLite:

    As far as your question about the shutdown controller. Looks like if you were running ReadyOn, you might be able to bypass it. The shutdown controller ensures that the computer doesn't stay on when you turn your car off (thus saving your battery), but also initiates a safe hibernate/shutdown of the computer to keep things safe. Is ReadyOn something you really want to use though? Check out:
    Anyone looked into ReadyOn for XP boot?

    Check the link to the faq emporium in the post below this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bugbyte
    @chepnut - well done!


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    So assuming I use nLite to strip down an OS and later on down the road, I decide to add a new hardware piece to my system, am I going to have to use nLite again or can I just use the CD to install the new drivers?
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    Thanks for all the information everyone! I definately appreciate it.

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