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Thread: iPod and VW bug: Will this work ?

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    I have a 99 bug to which I have connected an 8 disc panasonic cd changer in the back of the car with connection cable from crutchfield.

    I have a 3G ipod which is getting old.

    Putting 2 and 2 together, I wanted to see if I can remove my cd-changer and instead fix my ipod dock in its place so that I can dock my ipod in there and leave if for always. (planning to buy a newer version of ipod for carrying around)

    Obviously I will need a cable which will convert the signal to the cd-changer in such a way that I can use the in-dash factory system to control the main functions such as turning on/off the ipod, next and previous song being the most important.

    Does such a cable exist ? Has anyone tried this idea out before ? Can this be done at home by splicing wires from a ipod USB/firewire/dock cable and the panasonic-vw car adapter ?

    Thanks in advance for your responses...

    P.S.: I am tired of Belkin Tunecast II and such other FM transmitters....too much of manual labor involved each time one has to play a song - also on lon trips have to frequently change FM channels to avoid interference. Hence this idea.

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    There are decks out there that can control your Ipod, but I would reccomend probably the Griffin Itrip Remote deal, its like the ITrip but instead its a remote, probably your best bet?

    Granted it wont display the song and stuff though. Why not just mount your ipod up front in one of like those cup holder charger deals?

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    There are several solutions which fake your head unit into thinking your iPod is a cd changer. I use an icelink, soon to be replaced by a carPC.
    My worklog.
    Status: VM GTI sold, got out of the CarPC tinkering hobby, but I still think about getting back in.

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