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Thread: lilliput 7" vga in bmw e36 coupe? HELP!!!

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    lilliput 7" vga in bmw e36 coupe? HELP!!!

    Any Body Have Any Ideas Of Where To Mount A Screen In An E36 Bmw Coupe, I Have Removed The Crappy Onboard Computer Thing And The Compartment Beneath It, Plenty Of Space But How Do I Flush Fit The Moniter? I Have A Mate Who Is Pretty Handy With Fibre Glass And Filler.

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    I think you answered your own question - use your m8 that is handy with fibre glass and body filler! Also look in the "fabrication" forum for more ideas. Good luck

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    search for e36 or bmw, you can fab up a screen mount (what i am doing and someone else has already done, can't remember user name though, its also on or you can get a monitor that has a headrest shroud and just use that to fill the gap, look at the work enforcer has done, he has some good stuff and is working on some as well
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    have to fabricate screen mount

    have to start over, lilliput died, 1st laptop broke, have to sell the 2nd one. damn

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