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Thread: which front end for no touch screen?

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    which front end for no touch screen?

    My setup is working prety good. I've been thinking about trying a front end to see if it makes it more user friendly. I have winamp, and I also have streets and trips and iGuidance.

    Although I don't have a touchscreen, the big icons used in the front ends would probably make it easier to position the cursor. Which front end would help with the iGuidance or Streets and trips resume problem?

    I have an ICOM PCR100 tuner, santa cruz sound card, an eNlightened install of XP, 800 pentium with 256 megs and a 30 gig hard drive. Ialso have some data logging software that comes in handy at the drag strip.

    When i look at other peoples installs I feel like I'm missing something. Just getting the GPS to resume properly would be nice.

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    C'MON! ARe yA aLL in A COMA?

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    okay here my take

    In my Supra, I don't have TS (just a modded PSOne LCD). I have FP, RR intalled, but at the end I don't use any. Just winamp or GPS (routis). I just don't feel the need for Front end. With FE it make thing point and click easier but also slow down the system with only 256MB and a 600 P3.
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    With a good input device you're right MatrixPC, you don't absolutely have to have a touchscreen. But I would disagree with you about the front-end. I ran my carputer for 5 years without one because they didn't exist. And I hated the kludge I had to deal with to get all my programs to run (and they never ran right all together. let alone talked to each other.) Sure if you're just using MP3s and navigation, no problem, but a front-end, if nothing else provides a singular, coordinated interface.

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    Yes, I did search, but it don't hurt to ask before I go spend a few nights rearrainging all the ones and zeros in my hard drive. There's like millions of them stuffed in that thing. What front end are you using GizmoQ? I have a track ball that works really well and I also have an ati remote wonder. I'm tired of having to get iGuidance and Streets and trips up off their buts everytime the computer resumes. Then I have to remember to click on winamp to put it in the front because if I don't the remote wonder doesn't work. The Remote wonder is nice because I can do the simple things with winamp without taking my eye off the road. Those big icons on a touchscreen look like they would be a lot easier to click on while I'm driving.

    I'm looking at FP and centifuse, any comments?

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