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Thread: 2006 M3 - with OEM Nav, where/how install DVD player??

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    Thumbs up 2006 M3 - with OEM Nav, where/how install DVD player??

    Just ordered a 2006 M3, interlagos blue, competition package and all . . . the ONE concern is how to hook up a dvd player to my nav screen??

    If anyone has any ideas/suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

    also anyone have any model suggestions?

    I've been looking at the site below - they seem to have some good stuff.

    VERY serious about doing a CLEAN install - money is no object, want to do it right - ideas fellas?

    Thanks so much


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    Good GOSH I envy you. You definitely just purchased my #1 car, color and all. Highly respectable choice.

    With regards to ideas, I think the key here will be the subtlty of the install. TVandNav2GO looks fine, however, I would use them only for fabricating a stock looking dash. If you want a real car computer, you need to personalize and do it yourself, catering to your needs. Dont do the huge LCD screen just to have that, you would take away from the car.

    Most definitely utilize the IBUS to integrate the computer into the car itself.

    Please, above all though, dont let us down on this. There are a few other amazing M3 installs, and if you want to be the hot ****, its gonna take some serious work.

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    thank you very much for the compliment -

    yes my friend i am WAYY stoked on the car - she will have medium tint, asanti af-114 wheels, and a Racemesh stainless lower grille . . .

    i was thinking tho, wouldn't custom fitting a dvd changer into the trunk be the best option?? would seem effective and unobtrusive . . .Would need to find best location for installation but what do you fellas think?

    this really is the only multimedia mod i'm considering -
    Overall im not interested in installing a CarPC . . . though i do think its a cool idea for sure -

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    I have a x5 and there are a few options. I dont know if your system is the same as mine, but you can pickup a device from, I personally know the guy that runs the company but theres other options out there as well.

    You might as well plan to put a pc in your car now. You will eventually

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    oh id do it! but the thing is i like my interior and exterior VERY clean . . . which is why im opting for XM instead of SIRIUS - no external doohickey - ya know? same goes for the computer bit - would junk up the car unless you put 10 grand in . . . (i can feel the replys comin now )

    anyway - does anyone have experience with dvd changers?? these are new to me . . .
    2006 E46 //M3 - Interlagos Blue w/ Competiton Pkg
    Dinan S2-M3 Package Pending . . . :)

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