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Thread: lame qestion on monitors

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    lame qestion on monitors

    why the hell are 8" lilliputs cheaper than 7" lilliputs? because im not going to go indash (probably) i was just wondering....

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    Dunno. Perhaps it is more difficult to make them smaller than larger. Or maybe the 7" screens are more popular and they charge more for them.
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    Well, I would look at the model numbers and compare the LCD Brightness and Contrast Ratios. You will probably find your answer there. In the current models, the 8inch has vastly improved and has a very simliar lcd brightness and a better contrast ratio than the 7inch. In the older models this wasnt true. Current models are around 400cd/m2 for brightness and a contrast ratio of 200:1 or better. I would assume most everyone wants a sharper... clearer picture...

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    When you look at just the screens itself the 8" lilliput is more expensive. However if you are talking about the 7" lilliput In-Dash unit then its more expensive since it has more mechanics and cost more to put together
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