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Thread: VGA OUT (composite IN?)

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    VGA OUT (composite IN?)

    hey hope someone can help, just installed my monitor, and i have my pc all set up and ready (accecpt the psu) anyway, my monitor has a composite input and i only have a VGA out on my pc. i have a cable which converts to composite, but the pc isnt booting up. i get one beep from the pc speaker and then it just stops, anyone ever overcome this problem before? hope someone can help. PLEASE I'M DESPERATE FOR SOME HELP!!! going mad. i thought about doing the VGA trick, with the three resistors, but how do i get the composite signal to my monitor? can anyone help at all? thanks.

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    On my laptop, I have a key combination that switches the video output. Mind you, outputing to composite is usually a pain to setup because the machine wants to detect if a composite receiver is plugged in.

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    You will need something like this to convert the signal
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