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Thread: Windows XP won't boot up anymore!!!!

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    Windows XP won't boot up anymore!!!!

    I've had my Carputer for a while now and its been working fine until last night. I turned on my car and was prompted to select from the following options.

    Boot in Safe mode.
    Boot in Safe mode with networking.
    Boot to last known working session.

    Start normally.

    NO matter which one i choose the computer would attempt to boot (I get the Windows XP boot screen and the little runner is moving) After it does this, this is when it is supposed to boot up, but instead, it starts all back over again to the same 1st prompt screen. Anyone know how to fix this?

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    reseat ur RAM.

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    scandisk your hard drive.

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    This was one of the symptoms I had when I was using the ITPS. It would be working when I shut it off and the next time it would be hosed. My only solution was to reformat the drive and reload windows.
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