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Thread: Parts check list

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    Parts check list

    Aside from the computer itself and the monitor what will I need to get this show on the road? I was reading about the startup/shutdown controller. I guess I need to find a way to power both the computer and monitor. Any way, I just wanted to get a overview check list on hardware. Every setup is different, I know, I just want to get a rough estimate on what I'm up against before I go out and rip my car apart and start the install.

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    go with a psu that is made for a car ie "OPUS 120W 12V ATX DC-DC Power Supply" that way you can power your computer and your screen and use the "rogrammable circuitry to monitor and control various functions of the power supply operation" so when the car turns off you can have it ao the computer and the monitor turns off too.

    and you should use a fuse box and lots of wire.

    other than that its up to you what you want and where it wants to go.

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    there are some ideas in my signiture.
    My Install

    CFiG v1
    iGuidance Plugin for CF

    Working shell for a CarPC

    StopWatch plugin remade for centrafuse RC1

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