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Thread: Advice on adding a DVD drive?

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    Question Advice on adding a DVD drive?

    I bought "Geek my Ride" a few weeks ago, after having discovered this forum.
    I bought a 7" touchscreen, two Headreasts with 7" screens, an Ampie Case, the M1-ATX90, RAM, the VIA 1000 MB, 40 GB Laptop HD, and an AMP Power kit for running power to the system.

    I'm away now on buisness, most of the stuff should have arived while I was gone. I'm going home tommorow.

    Is there a disadvantage to slot load DVD drives? Other then not working with Mini cds? Are they more effected by vibration then other laptop HDs? The book says there is a certain way you should mount a HD in a car, I was thinking that a slot load DVD stuck vertically to the side of my center console would look cool? Would vibration effect a vertical drive more?

    I'm looking for a DVD drive that doesn't need external power, should the M1 have enough power? What if I use a HUB? Is there an easy way to ad a direct DC line to a powered USB hub?

    Thank You in advance

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    You didn't specify whether the DVD drive was a slim/laptop or normal 5-1/4 drive. The slim/laptop drive will require +5VDC and the 5-1/4 drive will require +5VDC & +12VDC.

    The easiest way to obtain these voltages is from a power line coming off your power supply (that connects to your hard drive or optical drive). The Molex connector is a 4-pin connector with a yellow, red, and two black wires. The yellow wire is +12VDC and the red is +5VDC. The black wires are grounds or commons. Simply splice into the perferred wire or better yet, go to RadioShack and get a male Molex connector and use that to make your connection.

    I too am curious about the vertical mounting of the slot load drive. I'm doing some research now to see if I can find anything useful.

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