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Thread: Climate?

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    i was just thinking i live in alaska and i was wondering how will the cold wether affect the computer and the hard drive? what about the moisture can it with handle the moisture?

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    I livr in minnesota, -30f is not uncommon.

    the hard drive below -20 or so doesn't like to spin up right away, but give it a minute.

    to get moisture on an item from condensation you need a colder item in a warm air enviornment. in the winter this is hard to have happen on purpose, I think you're safe

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    what about the LCD?? does keeping the LCD in the car all the time affect the screen?
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    Try a little reading... might help with your questions.

    Cold weather (-25c and lower)
    LCD in winter?
    Does The Cold Affect System?
    hard disk life expectation

    Search terms:
    Hard Drive

    You will find those terms highlighted in the threads. You will also find information in the FAQ on this topic.
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