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Thread: Restarts insteading of turning off

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    Restarts insteading of turning off

    Hi Guys

    Wired up my carputer. Before I installed windows XP on it I am positive it was turning on and off with the ignition of the car.

    Now I installed windows XP and when I turn the ignition off the pc switches off, but then turns back on again when it should stay off !?!

    Can someone explain why ?

    Car is wired up with a psu and should work with the ignition


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    Which powering on/off scheme have you set your M1-ATX on?

    Also, what kind of scheme do you use on the Power Buttons setting on the Display Properties?
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    Sounds like you have the power button set to restart the computer in your XP power scheme setting or you hooked it up to the reset pins instead of the pwr button

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