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Thread: Final Double Check for Install

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    Final Double Check for Install

    Ok I am ready to buy all the parts but I would like to make sure that they will all work.

    $140 - C134 Mini-ITX Case Black
    $158 - VIA EPIA M10000 Mini-ITX Mainboard
    $128 - OPUS 120 watt DC-DC power Supply DCX3.120
    $440 - Xenarc 700IDT In Dash 7 inch Touch Screen VGA
    $45 - Xenarc 700 Series extra long Monitor Cable 5 Meters (16.4 feet)
    $95 - CarPC Pro v2.4 - The Advanced ATX Power Controller
    $58 - Toshiba CD Burner / DVD Player Slim Combo Drive
    $93 - TOSHIBA Super Slimline 80GB 5400 RPM Notebook Hard Drive
    $58 - Ultra Low Profile 256MB DDR RAM
    $8 - 6 Foot 3.5mm M to 2 RCA Cable
    $100 - Sony 2-Channel Xplod Amplifier (XM2100GTX)
    $110 - iGuidance N. America Software & Map Data - V2.1.2
    $40 - Holux GM-210 USB GPS Receiver
    $25 - Mini-Key USB Keyboard DGPN-570

    TOTAL - $1498

    A little bit more than I wanted to spend (around $1000) but if it is a quality system that is going to last me a long time I might as well get this investment.

    Basically I am going to use it for gps and mp3's. I plan on using iGuidance Software however I debated on going with CoPilot, still not sure. For MP3's I plan on hooking my stock car speakers to the sony amp and then with the line out cable hook that up to the amp because I do not have room for a stock cd player plus I already have a usb fm receiver.

    Please let me know if I should buy something else or change something, etc.

    By the way this is going in a 94 camaro. My 700IDT screen is going in the din pictured in this picture:

    Thanks again for all your help!

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    I dont think you need that CarPC Pro V2.4 Advanced ATX Power Controller. The Opus should have all that stuff built into it such as shutdown timers and hookups to the ignition.

    If someone more experienced than I would care to interject id be more than happy to learn the facts, but thats what I understand them to be. Also, if that Xenarc cable is that came as a regula VGA cable you might be able to go to a local PC store and get a bunch for cheaper, maybe not but its worth a shot. Oh and that Toshiba CD/DVD you can get from NewEgg for $43 instead of $58 See, look at me already saving you money

    Other than that, looks good to me (but what the heck do i know??)
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    Black w/ Black Leather
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    Convenience Pkg.
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    Delphi SkyFi2 XM (in nice custom mount)

    CarPC x [----------] 0% (yeah.... still planning it out)

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    I was thinking the exact same things. The CarPC Pro V2.4 is cool, and does some neat things, like temperature monitoring and really knowing the on/off state of the PC, that the Opus doesn't do. But you can get along well with just the Opus, esp when it saves you nearly 100 clams.

    While not as convienient, you can get extension cables instead of the long Xenarc cable. Check out Good for a few bucks.

    If you don't really need the cd/dvd drive in the car and have a USB external one already, you can use that to load software and such. That's what I do.

    Some acrylic and some time in the garage will save you some money on that case

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    You can take $110 off that price tag.



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    $140 for the case! That seems like a lot. I thought maybe the power supply came with it, but if you need the Opus, maybe not.

    Build your own and drop the CarPCpro and save $235 on the install.
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    So, with all you could save, you will only be spending like $1153. A lot closer to what you wanted to spend before.



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