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Thread: winxp crashed, can I repair with my home pc?

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    winxp crashed, can I repair with my home pc?

    My winxp carpc crashed big time and I tried to repair by plugging the hd into my home pc, which then promptly crashed too
    My home pc is back up and running, can I plug the hd from the carpc into it, and try booting from that after changing boot sequence in bios on the home pc. If not, is it possible to reinstall xp on the car pc using the home pc?

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    Not a pro here. But No.
    You cannot install onto a HD with one pc, and then use the HD on another PC. When XP installs it uses the specific PC configurations and sets them up on the HD. hose configs are not the same as on another pc.
    If you have files on the car pc HD that you need, I recommend you install that HD with the original (home) pc both. Transfer the wanted files from the pc HD to your home PC. Then redo the car pc. When done, you can transfer the files back onto your pc HD.
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    What do you mean WinXP crashed? Did the hard drive fail or XP just wont boot?

    Im curious what you mean when you say the HomePC is back up and running, as if by trying to boot off the carpc HD you somehow messed up the homePC. I dont see how that could happen.

    I agree with muldrick, you best bet would be to copy the carPC files over to the homePC then rebuild the carPC. Or try to boot the carPC up with some kind of repair disc to fix the OS, id be willing to bet the OS is not beyond repair.
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