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Thread: In Car WiFI Technology

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    In Car WiFI Technology

    Hiya guys, well as some of you may know im a uni student, well time has come for me to do my last year project, well the one i was giving is In Car WiFI Technology, the Description given to me is :

    "This project is to investigate and implement WiFI technologies into todays vehicles. With so many different devices available globally theres is a need to have these devices connected for given entertainment in vehicles today. The project will also need to explore how some of the devices could be further developed to work in line with the vehicles ECU management system"

    i just wanted to see if you guys have any views on this? or any ideas? im open to all thoughts on this, hoping to get some good feed back on this

    thanks for your time


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    i would try to implement bluetooth in everything you can think of...

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    Quote Originally Posted by daphreak
    i would try to implement bluetooth in everything you can think of...
    thats what i was thinking, the idea i have so far is a car pc, maybe mounted in the boot, then touch screen, have bluetooth for connting to a phone, a wireless keyboard mounted into the sunvisor, having the ecu wired up to the computer, this can record information witch is then set to the home pc using wifi every time the car is within range of the home pc, just looking for ideas from people

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    So just to clear something up.
    Wifi != Bluetooth != all wireless technolgy. right?

    If the task is Wifi. Then it's talking specifically about wireless networking (802.11, and friends). This technology is probably overkill for device to device in car.

    As far as improving 802.11 devices for in-car use. How about an antenna built into the frame of the car?
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    Why couldnt I get cool projects like this ?? (Damn State schools) We'll I'd say bluetooth is probably something to consider. Although, you might want to look at some alternatives.

    I looked at this a few ways. Wifi Entertainment (meaning 802.11) , could be wireless video streamed into the car via the web. Or It could be Bluetooth (Wireless Technology in general) controllers or cell phones connecting to the car to perform some sort of function.

    Are you limited to WiFi or can it be any wireless technology ??
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    Like the Project. I would say that a big part of your project needs to focus on security, especially if you are talking about ecu access. Just thing how $hitty life could be if your car could get a virus. So just my two cents, but mobile wireless technology means that Security is paramount.

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    Best uses of wifi in cars I can think of are these obvious ones that are being looked at:

    traffic info - both collecting info on traffic flow and feeding it to the driver - eg wifi radio stations, data for nav re-routing etc etc

    emergency services routing - like those gsm systems that call the emergency services if you have an accident only using wifi technology incase there is no GPS position for some reason. Your car would send out a may-day and then the location would be picked up using the base station that is it connected to and possibly triangulated for greater accuracy.

    I just thought of two more but i aint telling you unless i find they have already been thought of

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