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Thread: Help: Radio/Casette Alpine TDM-7532 M-BUS convert to RCA ?

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    Question Help: Radio/Casette Alpine TDM-7532 M-BUS convert to RCA ?

    I Needs to convert the Alpine Head Unit TDM-7532, M-Bus CD Changer input to RCA for my Ipod. ??

    The Alpine HU TDM-7532 installed at My Toyota, Type: Kijang 1999.

    As I read the manual, there is no facility for AUX, there are only 3 button: Tuner, Tape and CD...thats all.

    If somebody help/gave me a diagram to convert M-BUS to RCA, I am also asking how to switch to the "AUX" for my Ipod, or it will "automatically" detect after M-BUS converted to RCA as CD Changer facility?....
    Please.... help me?....

    I am very eager to connect my Ipod Mini 4Gb to the my 2nd car Alpine TDM-7532 Audio Systems, because in my country, Indonesia, South East Asia, there is no Alpine M-BUS to RCA converter.
    I am very appreciate your reply to my email: [email protected].

    Thank you very much,
    JAKARTA - Indonesia, the greatest archipelago, and Bali is one of our thousands islands

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    The KCM-122B M-BUS to RCA convertor should probably work - yours is a pretty old model. Plenty of sellers on ebay who will ship worldwide

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