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Thread: New too the hobby

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    New too the hobby

    Hello everyone, been a long time watcher and now have started to build my own unit. Did some searching for products and found this GPS device......wondered if any one is using at this time. Seller calls this a track stick and I wondered if any has used this and does this do what they say it can do.

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    Seems like a plug to get people to look at a comercial site for car pc stuff.
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    Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

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    Besides the fact that the only purpose this seems to serve is watching other people. It'd be cheaper (from the prices I've found on the unit) to get a GPS receiver. The only way it wouldn't be cheaper is if you had no carpc and wanted to track someone else. I guess for someone who doesn't trust or has reason not to trust someone it'd serve a purpose.

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