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Thread: Lilliput Touch screen

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    Unhappy Lilliput Touch screen

    I am using a Gateway Solo 2150 with a Lilliput Touch Screen. The touch screen works but I have no VGA signal. Can anybody offer any help. Cheers

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    Search the forums for what other laptop users have done for video issues.

    My suggestions:
    1) Lower the Windows resolution to 800x600
    2) Make sure the external video is enabled in the BIOS (some laptops have this option, some don't)
    3) Most laptops use a key or key combination to switch video from the laptop screen to the external VGA port (My old Dell uses Func-F4). Make certain that's set correctly.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I have tried that. I can get the touch screen to work on my PC but not the laptop.

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    Is external monitor enabled in the bios?

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    The laptop will work with other external monitor. Just not the touchscreen. Allthough the touchscreen will work with other computers. Touchscreen originally worked with the laptop and then the hard drive crashed. When the laptop was reformatted the touchscreen stopped working.

    I am unable to find an external monitor in the bios.


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