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Thread: Hello, need some advice

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    Hello, need some advice

    I am looking into making a simple carPC mainly as an MP3 player. Not all that interested in all the extra stuff like GPS. Maybe some video playback but mostly just music. I thought about the easy route, get an MP3 player, but thats not fun, and they are too small, I like the hard drive option.

    So the question is this, for basic MP3 playback, with the ability to navigate thru songs like in iTunes and get song info, what would I need? One important factor is it has to be easy to remove from the car. It gets quite cold here in teh winter so I want it accessible and easy to remove when I get home. Also money is a bit tight so cheaper is better, but I am willing to wait to save for the parts.....just not too long.

    Thanks in advance.

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    A classic pentium 100 mhz is cheap and will play music files.

    It may be easier to find something like I use. See my sig for a link to the project.

    I would also recommend reading the project forums for ideas and solutions, lots of info.

    Good luck.
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    Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

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