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Thread: Preparing for carpc

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    Preparing for carpc

    Ok, I have a p4 board, 80G HD, Win XP Pro cd, eventually an OPUS psu and a lilliput screen.

    What I would like to know is if I can start to build the software side first? I have a new comp at home that has 80G HD and XP Home. 1) Can I set up the new HD with a primary partition with XP PRo so that my computer has a choice like a dual bootable comp? This dual setup cannot interact at all. 2) If this is possible, can I start setting up my carpc software like front ends and such? 3) If I can, then can I just take the fully setup and running HD and put it into the p4 system so that my carpc is now running in the car after I get the psu?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    PS: I have a feeling 1 and 2 are possible, but 3 might not work because the 2 boards are different (diff cpu, memory and bios). I don't want to go through all the trouble with 1 + 2 fi 3 is not possible. I'd rather jsut wait till I can finish the p4 build.

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    I'm not sure about dual booting between 2 XP partitions, but later versions of Windows often don't like when you swap it into another computer (if it sees too much hardware change it'll disable itself on boot b/c you could be theoretically installing it and registerng it on one comp, clone the HD a bunch and swap them into all new comps with a registered copy of Windows then, so if a bunch of hardware changes it gets mad and you have to go through hassles.. but it is do-able).

    If you have all the components but Opus and Lilliput and want to start getting the software together then my suggestion is to put the whole computer together and attach it to your current computer's monitor. Then when you're all good to go all you need to do is drop the resolution down (640x480 or 800x600 or whatever you're using) and plug it into your new monitor (lilliput or xenarc or whatever).

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