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Thread: speaker volume

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    speaker volume

    hi.. i want to connect the speaker volume to the cruise control buttons on my steering wheel. how possible is that?

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    anything is possible with enough creativity, wire cutters and spare wire. personaly i like my cruise control buttons. id feel like an *** pressing coast and having the volume go up. kinda sounds cool at first but idunno. if you could--would a second cruisecontrol switch pod fit on the otherside of the steering wheel upside down? mount it upside down o nthe other side and get some stencils for the lettering. a + and - would do fine.

    do you have an after market or stock HU? it would involve opening the headunit and reading a scematic diagram to solder in overriding controls to the volume attenuater. my spelling sucks. sorry.

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    well there is just enough space to put a second cruise control switch... i'll look into that. um my hu doesnt exist.. i am puting a desktop lcd screen.. 5.1 surround system etc... will put up all the pictures soon.. my masterpiece is almost alive

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