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Thread: 2005 Mustang /Shaker 1000 Question

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    2005 Mustang /Shaker 1000 Question

    I want to put a computer (a powerbook actually) in my new Mustang.
    My question is :
    Is there a way to use the factory Shaker 1000 speakers and amps without the head unit?

    I would love to keep the Shaker 1000 head unit in there just to make things simple but I can't think of a place to put a screen without it being there.

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    Scosche makes a lot of adaptors that may work. They offer (most all) female and male radio side connectors. So wether you are replacing just the deck or connecting the stock deck to amps, they usually have something to suit. Try your local stereo shop.
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    As far as I know you can. I had the Shaker 500 before begining my carputer quest.

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    how far have you gotten on your quest?

    are you replacing the amps and speakers?

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