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Thread: Getting the damn lilliput to work...

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    Getting the damn lilliput to work...

    Yah I searched and still couldn't figure it out

    So I have a new Dell 9300 laptop, basically every upgrade you could get from dell, 2gb ram, 100gig HD, 256mb nvidia GPU....etc running XP home

    So I plug in my lilliput, install the drivers for the touchscreen successfully, and I just get over-range on my lilliput. I've tried all sorts of different refresh rates and resolutions.

    Any specific ones I should try, or is it something else? I either get "over-range" or when I lower the resolution I get a blank flickering screen. The screen did work on an old 650mhz HP laptop so it's a working screen...

    Help please!

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    Check the specs, but try starting with 640*480 @ 60hz. If you can get that working successfully, next try 800*600 @ 75hz.

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